2021 NRL22X at MKM Precision

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2021 NRL22X at MKM Precision

MD: Gregg Stewart

Location: Rockland, PA

Dates: August 21, 2021

Cost: $65

This shoot will be 12 stages and 120 rounds. Yardages from 25 to 240.

The match will utilize roving RO’s, this means one lead RO will be assigned to each squad and they will take the lead on scoring and spotting. It’s expected for everyone to chip in and help out. Please bring binos / spotters if you have one. Safety is our largest concern, please be attentive during the brief.

Trophies will be awarded to the top competitors.

There will be a CA$H Payout to the Top Places and a few Random Spots in each Division relative to its attendance.

Lastly, there will be the always present Bourbon stage, and a Bonus stage at Sight-in.

NRL22X Members:
Shooters have a 7 day grace period to become a member.

Waivers need completed once a year for the MKM Precision Range.


Range Address: 255 North Kent Road, Kennerdell, PA 16374

Saturday 8/21/21

  • 7AM – On Site Register/Check-in
  • 7-8AM – Zero Range Open
  • 8:10AM – Safety Briefing
  • 8:45AM – Match Starts
  • 3PM – Awards after match

Friday, August 20th: Camping if desired, please let your MD know if you intend to camp. Data collection and zero 1300 to 1700. Range goes cold at 1700.




Rifle Supplies

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!