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Rimfire Rooster Rush


DenJer Davis


Virgil, SD


August 17, 2024

Cost: $80 for Adults, $80 for Young Guns

Welcome to the Rimfire Rooster Rush

Range Address: 38360 217th St Virgil SD, 57379

This match will consist of 10 stages with a round count of approximately 100-120 rounds. Some stages could have more than 10 rounds and reloads can be expected. Targets will range from 25 yards up to 250 yards.
Stages will be a mix of prone and from props/barricades.

The range will be open the evening prior for a tune-up. The tune will cost $10 per shooter, all money goes to ROs. Tune will start at 4pm. There will also be side stages at this time. $5 per attempt with a 50/50 split pot for Shooter and ROs. 

Dedicated ROs: This match will have dedicated ROs. If we have a total of 15 or more ROs we will have a NRL22X RO companion match on Friday. ROs will receive the following perks:

  • Shoot the NRL22X RO match for free
  • Free match t-shirt
  • Free lunch

Trophies: 1-3 for all Divisions and Top Overall 

Prize Table Walk: By match finish order. 

Round Count: 100-120

Number of Stages: 10

Questions: If you have any questions, please contact the Match Director denjer.davis22@gmail.com



Friday, August 16th (Tune Up Day & Side Stages)

*All times are Central Standard Time (CST)

    • 9:00 am – 10:00 am – RO Zero Range
    • 10:00 am – RO Check-in
    • 10:15 am – RO Safety Brief
    • 10:30 am – RO Match Starts
    • 4 pm – Tune Up & Side Stages


Saturday, August 17th 15th

*All times are Central Standard Time (EST)

    • 7:00 am – Check-in
    • 7:00 am – 8:00 am – Zero Range
    • 8:00 am – Match Safety Brief
    • 8:30 am – Match Starts
    • 3:00 pm – Awards/Prizes


*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!