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Our club is a 501C3 Non-Profit Organization who promotes Youth Scholastic Shooting Sports, hosts shooting events to help fund our range, and improve equipment / onsite facilities. We offer Steel Challenge, UML/USL 3 Gun, Rimfire Challenge, Bowling Pin Shoots, numerous Trap disciplines, and a lot of time for open shooting on the 300yd range. Our 8 competition bays are only open for events. All disciplines besides Bowling Pin and Trap events complete registration through PractiScore, and there they can communicate with the Match Director.



MD: Nicholas Wolfe

Rimfire Matches per Year: Typically 4 RCSA Events, but some will be substituted for NRL22 this year

Primary Range Distance (in Yds): 25-200 yds

*Information provided by NRL22 as a resource. It is the competitor’s responsibility to get confirmation on match registration directly from the Match Director and if that Match Director intends to submit competitor scores on this national platform. 

Colfax Sportsmen’s Club
E8498 810th Avenue
Colfax WI 54730
United States