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The Range Complex will be hosting an official NRL22 monthly match, which will consist of 5 – 8 stages. Five stages will be the standard NRL22 monthly course of fire from 25 to 100yards. Additional stages will consist of target distances out past 200yards. There will always be a good mix between prone stages, barricade stages, and positional stages.
For additional information contact:

John Sherbert
Match Director

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MD: John Sherbert

Rimfire Matches per Year: 10-12

Primary Range Distance (in Yds): 0 to 300 yds

*Information provided by NRL22 as a resource. It is the competitor’s responsibility to get confirmation on match registration directly from the Match Director and if that Match Director intends to submit competitor scores on this national platform. 

The Range Complex
2850 TigerSwan Dr.
Autryville NC 28318
United States