2023 Ultra Match

2023 Ultra Match

MDs: Justin Carbone and Ruth Soucie

Location: New York Mills, MN

Date: May 20, 2023

Cost: $90

Range Location: Rush Lake Range, 49899 Co Hwy 54, New York Mills, MN 56567

(Google maps will guide you to the range via 500th avenue- do NOT turn onto 500th avenue. Instead, the range entrance will be off of CO Hwy 54 just west of 500th avenue.)

LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE! ***NO REFUNDS (we will allow you to sell your spot to another shooter though!)

Facebook Event Page (RSVP for updates!):  https://fb.me/e/34lpIJMFF

This match will be self-squadded. An email will be sent out to notify registrants when squadding opens.

Fee includes: Lunch, Snacks, Water, Match Shirt, Shooter Swag Bag

Round count will be 150+ for the match, but bring more for zeroing, malfunctions, side stages etc.

Target distances will be 25-300 yards.

Target sizes will be based on the Recommended Target Size table found here: bit.ly/3NCJKAK

Mulligans will not be used in this match.

Definitionultra : going beyond due limit : extreme : past what is ordinary, proper, or moderate

How to use ultra in a sentence- “This match is ultra!”

We are incredibly honored to be hosting this NRL22X match for the fourth year in a row! As shooters ourselves, we strive to host matches that are fun, challenging, and test competitors on an equal playing field. We use previous match results, shooter feedback, and lessons learned to design stages that are fair, balanced, and achieve an optimum level of difficulty. You can expect to shoot a well-rounded course of fire with a professional feel and in an efficient use of time.

Sight-in Day and Side Stage Fun! – Friday, May 19th

Come on out the day before the match to zero your rifle, tune your ballistics profile, and shoot some fun side stages for great prizes. There will be music playing to keep the mood fresh, and concessions to keep you fueled. No need to leave early to get dinner. Eat at the range!

Range Officer (RO) opportunity

We feel strongly that a big key to a high-quality match is to have good ROs. Good ROs bring consistency to stages for a fair competition.  They ensure safety, and efficient match flow. We are looking for people willing to be ROs. ROs will eat free, will receive a match t-shirt, a swag bag bundle, will walk the prize table with the rest of the shooters, and will receive appreciation and respect from the match directors and shooters. ROs will also be given the opportunity to shoot the course of fire on Friday. This will give them the opportunity to shoot the match, as well as allow them to become accustomed with the stages. If you are new to precision rifle competitions, ROing this match will be an excellent opportunity to get experience shooting with help from match directors, as well as experience spotting bullet impacts through spotting scopes. To RO, please reach out via phone or email (listed below).

Feel free to call or email us with any questions or concerns.

Prize table walking order will be a combination of place finished and random draws. Top 3 in each class will walk the table first, followed by alternation between the following: the next 2 highest placements overall, a random draw shooter, and a random draw RO. Since we cannot provide you with high quality matches without high quality ROs, we ensure that they are adequately rewarded for their participation. Therefore, the top 3 ROs from the RO match will walk the table with the other class winners.

1st Open

1st Young Guns

1st Ladies

1st RO

2nd Open

2nd Young Guns

2nd Ladies

2nd RO

3rd Open

3rd Young Guns

3rd Ladies

3rd RO

4th Overall

5th Overall

Random Shooter

Random RO

6th Overall

7th Overall

Random Shooter

Random RO…

Lunch, snacks, and bottled water will be provided the day of the match. Please reach out via phone or email (listed below) if you have any dietary restrictions and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Email: midwestprecisionshooting@gmail.com

Phone: 763-360-0913 (Ruth) 612-232-6899 (Justin)


*All times are in CST*

Friday, May 19th

    • Early Registration/Check-in Open from 3pm-7pm (you must check-in prior to zeroing)
      • You will receive your COF during this time
    • Sight-in range will be open from 3pm-8pm
    • Side stages will run from 3pm-8pm
    • Independent stage walk through available 3pm-8pm (NO RIFLES ON PROPS OR SHOOTING OF STEEL ALLOWED)

Saturday, May 20th

    • Shooter Registration/Check-In will run from 7:00am-8:30am. (You must check-in prior to shooting)
    • Sight-in range will be open from 8:00am-8:45am
    • 8:45am-9:00am Safety Briefing
    • 9:15am Match Start
    • ~12pm Lunch served to your squad. Keep shooting. We’ll bring it to you!
    • Award Ceremony to follow immediately after last squad is finished and scores are tallied




Rifle Supplies

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!