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Match Director: Aaron Smith & Joey McConnell

Eagle Eye Shooting Complex host a monthly Rimfire Precision Match, with target engagements out to 300 yards. During the NRL 22 season, 5 stages will consist of the monthly NRL 22 stages. Eagle Eye Rimfire Precision Matches are family and youth friendly.

Eagle Eye Shooting Complex offers a 500 yard rifle range, 5 multipurpose action bays, 2 trap/skeet combo fields, and a covered 5 stand.

Rimfire Matches per Year: 8

Primary Range Distance: Out to 300 yards

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Eagle-Eye-Shooting-Complex-727153334048649/

*Information provided by NRL22 as a resource. It is the competitor’s responsibility to get confirmation on match registration directly from the Match Director and if that Match Director intends to submit competitor scores on this national platform. 

Eagle Eye Shooting Complex
30 Elk Ridge Rd.
Mt. Pleasant TN 38474
United States