NRL22 Match Admin Fee (URL ONLY)


NRL22 Match Admin Fee (URL ONLY)


Monthly administration fee for NRL22 match record-keeping.

Scores are due within 7 days of the match. To ensure integrity of the points race, scores submitted more than 30 days past the match cannot be applied to the points race.

Simply COPY/PASTE the PRACTISCORE URL for your match results into the field provided.


Removing additional stages is a simple process. 

  1. After the match is over and you have collected all the scores, CLONE the match (including scores).
  2. On the newly cloned match, go into STAGE BUILDER and delete the additional Stages.
  3. Adjust the name of the match to be “Name of your Match – NRL22 Stages Only”.
  4. Then simply post both matches to and your competitors will have easy access to the full match scores and the NRL22 only scores plus you will have easy access to grab the URL from for this score submission form.

***Remove “No-show” competitors from your PractiScore Results***

Removing no-shows is a simple process. 

  1. Go into Edit Shooters/Squads on the tablet, and delete the people that didn’t show up.
  2. If you’ve already posted the scores, just go to results and post to again. PractiScore will automatically update your changes.

*Any technical issues, reach out to


If you do not use PRACTISCORE, then go to this -> MATCH ADMIN FEE <- for score submission instead.

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