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HHRP has a great location just off of highway 46. We offer a great deal of fun matches all season long. We do the NRL22 Monthly COF every first Saturday of the month. He have a lot of helpful and skilled shooters that are always willing to answer questions and offer up gear. If this is a sport you are interested in shooting there is not better place to start. We have recently added NRL22X matches to the range also. If you have questions about the range please reach out to the club through email HHRPclub@gmail.com or on Facebook. If you have questions about NRL22 at this location please message Chancy Shiner on Facebook. He would be able to help with any questions regarding NRL22 matches at this location.

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MD: Chancy  Shiner

Rimfire Matches per Year: 15

Primary Range Distance (in Yds): 30-350 yds

*Information provided by NRL22 as a resource. It is the competitor’s responsibility to get confirmation on match registration directly from the Match Director and if that Match Director intends to submit competitor scores on this national platform. 

Hoosier Hills Rifle and Pistol Club
400-698 Camp Moneto Rd
United States