2023 Utah’s Rimfire Revival

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Utah's Rimfire Revival

MDs: Jared Howell and Boyd Linder

Location: Price, Utah

Date: February 18, 2023

Cost: $75

Date: February 18, 2023

Range Address: 5245 S 8000 W, Price, UT 84501

Round count: 160-200, plus zero

Please read this description in its entirety. There is a lot of information here and we hold you accountable for your understanding of it.

Utah’s Rimfire Revival brings the NRL22X back to the world class North Springs Shooting Range in Price, UT. Co-Match Directors Jared Howell & Boyd Linder have traveled across the country shooting X matches and plan to bring that experience to their first hosted NRL22X match.

We will have lots of shooting, friends, food, fun, prizes, trophies and shirts. The cutoff registration date to ensure your shirt size will be 01/16/2023

As a competitor, you may expect a challenging, but fair, and most importantly fun match. The stages will have higher than normal round counts, mandatory magazine changes, and will be limited to one support bag. The range property is extremely beautiful, and we will rely heavily on natural props, however, some classics may be thrown in the mix. The COF is still being tweaked but you may expect 9 ish stages with targets from 25 to 250 yards (or more).

The COF is designed to test the skills we have found valuable shooting National-Level matches and Championships. It will test data management, position building, equipment manipulation, time management and yes, even memory! We feel all these skillsets are important factors is building a precision rifleman.

This match will be mostly Self-RO’d with some small exceptions. If we can change this, we will attempt to, however, you should be prepared to help your squad with these duties. You may send all your comments and concerns directly to Boyd.

North Springs Shooting Range is a public range and as such there is a possibility of encountering the public while there. There is also a centerfire match the same day. Please be aware you all represent the face of our series and act in a manner that best supports the continuation of our beloved sport.

We will have registration the day of match and a zero board with paper so you may check your zero in the morning. Due to the location of our shooting area, we will likely not have steel out to distance, but we will make an effort if it’s possible. Again, this is a public range, therefore, if you are so inclined you can visit the range on your own accord the day before the match and shoot to your little heart’s content. There will be a small fee of 10 dollars you will need to pay directly to the range for this opportunity. You will not be allowed in the areas of the match, but they have several other firing lines you would be able to test out to distance if you like.

Food: We will have some delicious BBQ (Huge thanks to PrimeTime BBQ) for you after the match while we prepare for awards. We will also provide snacks and plenty of water throughout the day. If you have some special dietary requirements, we’re sorry please make arrangements to suit your needs.

Prize tables: a contentious subject in the best of scenarios… due to the fourth quarter change in this match we are a little behind in sponsorships. We are dedicated to putting in a valent effort in securing our prize table however it’s our (match directors) opinion the prize table is not why we shoot matches. Whatever prize table we do secure will be walked in the following order with our discretion to make changes as we see fit.

Open class 1 2 3
Top Lady
Top Young gun
Top AirGun

Remaining in order of match finish


Thank you to our match title sponsor Next Shot Precision. They have generously donated cash we intend to use for some badass trophies! Check them out for all your precision rifle needs.

We will have a trophy for:

Open Class 1 2 3
Top Lady
Top Young Gun
Top Airgun

Above all, we hope you will join us and share in this experience we are so passionate about called precision rifle. We will work very hard to give you the best match we can possibly produce that’s fun fair and challenging. We hope we see you there!



Saturday, February 18th, 2023

  • 7:00AM – On Site Register/Check-in
  • 7:00AM – Zero Range Open
  • 8:15AM – Mandatory Range Orientation and Safety Brief
  • 9:00AM – Match Starts
  • 4:00PM – Awards & delicious BBQ by PrimeTime BBQ




Rifle Supplies

*All information provided as a service, we strongly advise that all potential competitors do their own travel planning and research to find what works best for them individually!