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2021 National Championship NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Special Episode Release

On today’s episode, Ruth Soucie brings coverage from the 2021/2022 National Championship. Learn from some of the top competitors in the nation what advice they have for you, highlights from the winners, stage highlights, and more!

Jason McBride, Doug Boze, and DJ Brierly co-directed the 2021/2022 NRL22 Season’s National Championship at the Gadsden Shooting Center in Iberia, Missouri the weekend of May 27-29, 2022 where 211 participants shot through 21 stages.

NRL22 Presented by Bushnell is dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. The NRL22 was created to provide a way for competitors who are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle the opportunity to do so with 22lr or air rifles without having to invest a lot of money in gear or travel. The NRL22 program is designed so that any facility with a 100 yard range can participate in local competitions to qualify for a National Championship.

Hear from top level competitors attending this season’s NRL22 Championship, what you missed out on if you weren’t able to attend this year, and more, on the NRL22 Podcast!

0:33 “Best piece of advice” interviews with competitors
0:48 Amy Wolfe
1:10 Brad Hermann
1:24 Brandie Stewart
1:40 Camden Powers
2:01 Chris Simmons
2:16 Courtney Anderson
2:47 Dakota Wright
3:00 Darron DeBoer
3:16 Grant Johnson
3:40 Greg Roman
4:20 Greg Stewart
4:44 Rick IY6C
5:11 Jason Nedved
6:10 Janae Frehner
6:20 Mark Pulver
6:40 Reese Boze
6:50 Shelby Boze
7:04 Theresa Jurisch
7:25 Travis Ishida
7:30 Troy Tyson
8:07 Tyler Frehner
8:32 Zane Herman
9:20 Interviews with the winners
10:32 Amy Wolf 1st Place RO
11:09 Brad Herman 3rd Place Base class
12:22 Chris Simmons 1st Place Open Class
13:19 Dakota Wright 3rd Place Young Gun
14:00 Gary Stevens 1st Place Young Gun
14:35 Grayson Smith 2nd Place Young Gun
15:00 Lexi Linder 1st Place Ladies Class
16:14 Tyler Orth 3rd Place Open Class
16:54 Zane Herman 1st Place Base Class
18:20 Memorable moments from the weekend
23:00 Stage Highlights
23:10 Stage 1 – Sky Busting
25:28 Stage 4 – Bus Action
26:23 Stage 10 – Van Step in
28:02 Stage 12 – Fast is fine, but accuracy is everything
29:57 Stage 15 – De Plane, De Plane
31:16 Stage 17 – Crazy Train
32:45 Stage 20 – War Wagon
35:07 Recap of Nationals Stage Design
35:45 Final words – Doug Boze and Chad Frances
38:35 Thank you and sign off

Helpful Links:
2021/2022 NRL22 Championship – https://nrl22.com/2021-2022-nrl22-championship/
Gadsden Shooting Center – https://www.facebook.com/GadsdenShootingCenter

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Release date:
17 August 2022

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