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The creation of the National Rimfire League 22 (NRL22) caused me to seriously evaluate the quality of the 22LR rifle I owned. It quickly became obvious I needed to upgrade my equipment, but I was on a budget, so an Anschutz or similar rifle was not likely in my future. After seeing the quality, precision, and accuracy of the Kidd 10/22 barreled action, I purchased one and dropped it into a Victor Company USA TITAN 1022 stock. Competing with the rifle in the last three NRL22 matches has left nothing else to be desired.

While the Kidd barreled action is phenomenal, I’m focusing this review on the TITAN 1022 stock. The TITAN 1022 has been developed for the Ruger® 10/22® semi-automatic rifle. Unlike other 10/22® stocks on the market, the TITAN 1022 is made of a highly rigid fiberglass composite. The resin used in the manufacturing process results in a stock that is ULTRA hard with almost no flex. The stock contains a barrel channel large enough to ensure the barrel is free floated and the optional cheek piece puts the eye in perfect alignment with the scope. Flush cup sling mounts are standard, as are inserts for an optional picatinny rail for mounting a Quick-Disconnect bipod, flashlight, etc.

The Anchor Lock System is where the TITAN 1022 really outshines the competition. This feature is comprised of aircraft-grade hardened aluminum bedding blocks, which secure the front and rear of the action for maximum accuracy. Many precision shooters are drawn to the stock for this feature alone. With the Kidd compatible rear anchor system I have been able to tune the rifle, with variable torque on the rear action screw. Finding the sweet spot between 15 and 25 inch pounds of torque on the rear action screw is a simple process and the results are well worth the effort.

Check out the TITAN 1022 and other Victor Company USA products at: http://www.victorcompanyusa.com/

CONX Media photograph – 2017 Dog Valley Precision Challenge


Christopher resides in Flagstaff, AZ. He started shooting local monthly matches in 2011 and started shooting competitively in 2012. Christopher enjoys hunting and fishing, and is the rifle match director at the Big Sandy Range, located in northern Arizona. He enjoys shooting in matches, as well as facilitating them. Since January of 2017, with the help of friends, he has been holding monthly precision rifle matches at the Big Sandy Range.

He was drawn to the precision rifle game as a means to develop skills needed for hunting, and became hooked by the competiveness and camaraderie found in the sport. He has been a member of Team Kelbly Tactical since 2013.

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