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Message from Dad [Michael Thomas]: The NRL22 is a great format to introduce young and new shooters. In 2016 Race shot in the OPPS Young Guns Challenge that was held in October near Camargo, OK. Here a parent/sponsor could spot and calculate ballistics, to assist children in 3 age groups, compete on steel targets out to 700+ yards. It was a huge success and Race was hooked from that moment on. It did however identify the challenges that young and new shooters have in a competition format. The weight of the centerfire rifles, locating, and identifying targets, especially at that distance under time were difficult. The NRL 22 is the perfect format, with the light recoil, and quiet report even got my gamer (Alden) off the couch!


Teaching and passing on my knowledge of the shooting sports to my boys has been very rewarding to me. We love being in the outdoors. With these twins everything is a competition. We have talked about the whole family going to a match together. Especially, after the boys challenged their Mom and big sister.

What is one quote you live by?

“Remember the Fallen”

Alden Thomas

Alden Thomas

My name is Alden Thomas, I am age 12 and from Blanchard, OK. Currently a 1st degree Black Belt in Taekwondo. I am not new to tough competition, but those little targets are difficult to hit.

Race Thomas

Race Thomas

My name is Race Thomas, I am age 12 and from Blanchard, OK. I play year-round sports: Basketball, Baseball and Football. I really like the challenging stages that the NRL22 provides each month.

Competitive Shooter Profile

Alden: I shot my first Match in October of 2017 with my brother and Dad. I really like to shoot 22lr and keep score to see how I do against others. My goal is to practice more often, and to be more accurate at all ranges.

Race: I also shot my first match in October with my Dad and brother Alden at Fouled Bore Precision. I wanted to win some cool prizes like my dad. I am going to push my self to get quicker on the positional stages.

My Rifle Build

Race & Alden Thomas

For 2017 we shared a Savage Mark II FVSR with a Boyd’s Tacticool Stock. Our scope is a Vortex Viper HST 4-16×44.

We have added the Victor Company cheek riser Race won in a NRL raffle. Sometimes Dad lets us shoot his CZ455.

Currently, we are building a Ruger 10/22 with a Victor Company Stock and cheek riser. It has a Volquartsen Carbon Fiber Barrel and the Volquartsen Trigger Group. We are still looking at scope options for this rifle. We both really want suppressors on our rifles like our Dad’s.

Favorite Part about competing in the NRL22 match

Alden: I like talking to everyone and looking at other guns… Oh and beating my brother Race.

Race: At our first match a cold front came in and it began to rain. I was so cold I laid down and covered up with a shooting bag! If I wasn’t so cold I would have beaten Alden that day.Race Thomas




Alden: That Standing, Kneeling, Prone stage was the most challenging stage for me. The weight of the rifle made it difficult to hold on target. I was able to get on target for the sitting, but on the prone it was too hard to keep the rifle off the ground.

Race: The Scary Cinderblocks in October were very heavy for me to carry and stack. I ran out of time on this stage. What I did get set up was fun though. It looked like some of the adults had a hard time too.


Inspirations and Aspirations

Alden: I really look up to my Dad. He takes the time to teach us to shoot and safely handle guns.

Race: My Dad is my hero I look up to him at a lot of things especially guns. He is a professional when it comes to shooting.

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