Lukas Knorr’s On Deck – Next Generation of Safe and Responsible Shooters

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Lukas Knorr’s On Deck – Next Generation of Safe and Responsible Shooters

Raising the next generation of safe, and responsible rifle shooters.

Message from Dad: I grew up in a responsible gun owning family, that taught me gun safety. I had my 1st BB gun at the age of 4 and just fell in love with shooting!


To me its only manifested a stronger bond with my son just as it did with my father and I. Shooting guns with my Dad opened the door to begin the journey and memories that meant the world to me as a young boy. My father taught me life lessons while doing so with me, and I wanted to pass the experiences on to my son Lukas for him to learn from and enjoy! We will always respect the bond that we grew!!

A Quote I Live By…

“Greater love has no one than this…That one lay down his life for his friends” John 15:13

I live by and strongly believe in that. I want to instill this into my son as well!

Lukas Casey Knorr

My name is Lukas Casey Knorr. My family calls me Baby Sniper. I am 7 years old and from Herriman, Utah. I love to shoot like a sniper with my Dad, it really helps me focus. I like to play baseball, and help my Dad and Grandpa fix cars and chores around the house!

Competitive Shooter Profile

I got into shooting a year ago with my Uncle Curtis and my Dad. I became interested in shooting from watching my Dad snipe. My goals are to stay focused and to shoot the best I can because it helps me with school!

My Rifle Build

Volquartsen .22LR Action carbon fiber barrel with a custom Vector stock topped with a NightForce optic.

Favorite part about competing in the NRL22 match

I like to go on camping trips to the Hotel and shoot like my Dad. I like spending time with my Family and picking out what I want to eat.


I was nervous shooting my 1st match. It took me a few stages to relax and hit a target. Once I got focused I did a lot better!

Inspirations and Aspirations

My heroes are my Grandpa, my Dad, and Chris Kyle. I admire my Grandpa because he teaches me a lot. I admire my Dad because he was in the Army and took care of bad guys. I admire Chris Kyle because he was a sniper in the Navy, and my cousin Shayden is going in the Navy!!!

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