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The Inception of NRL22X

NRL22X is a new series – the natural evolution of the NRL22 series of matches that take place all over the country.

With the tremendous growth and popularity of the NRL22 and the desire of the community to continue to challenge the skills of its members, the inception of NRL22X is here.

What is NRL22X?

NRL22X is the evolution of .22LR competitions where, like NRL centerfire matches, the NRL22X will provide a National Series of competitions where match directors will establish their own unique courses of fire in a one-day match designed to challenge the competitors. Like the NRL, the NRL22X will not have any national-level gear or target distance restrictions, however, these will be up to the individual match directors to determine as they design their match. Each match will qualify for points that will be tracked on a National level so that we can truly track who the best .22LR competitors are. The NRL22 Championship will take 50% of the qualification slots from each series NRL22 and NRL22X.

Who may participate?

Anyone may participate in a NRL22X match, however, only NRL22 members will have their points tracked. NRL22 Membership will work for both NRL22 and NRL22X – one membership covers both!

What about classes?

There are only 3 classes in NRL22X. Open, Young Guns, and Ladies. There are NO limitations on rifle / optic price points at this time other than all rifles must be chambered in .22LR. (No air rifle at this time)

Is there a prize table?

The NRL22X team is currently working on securing sponsorship specifically for the NRL22X series.

What support is there for the NRL22X?

The NRL will be fully supporting the NRL22X with marketing, media, sponsorship, logistics, administrative, and everything else in between.

When will the NRL22X start?

The NRL22X season will follow the same season as the NRL22.

What will the stages look like?

The NRL22X stages will be up to the imagination of the MD, however, a majority of the stage will be similar to the NRL, and NRL22 stages already seen but will offer further distances. You may be shooting at targets out to 500 yards or as far as the MD can see and call IMPACT!

How do I host a NRL22X match?

We will begin taking submissions for NRL22X matches, starting with our current MD’s. If you are interested in hosting a NRL22X match please email with the subject NRL22X Match and your contact information and we will send you out an application. Please note that we are only taking a limited number of matches across the country at this time. Our goal is to make each match as successful as possible.

So, does this mean I can use my gamer plate, tripod, and Arca accessories?

YES! The NRL22X does not have any gear restrictions, however the MD may choose to limit gear on specific stages.

What does this mean for NRL22?

NRL22 will continue with monthly matches and published COFs. NRL22X is an additional series!


The NRL22X is a part of the NRL family of matches and as such shares the same values, safety – education – community – empowering the sport! With new ventures comes new challenges, but we the NRL team has gotten pretty good at this and we are all very excited to watch this series grow. More News to Come – stay tuned for the Official Launch Announcement, Series Rules, and more!

We hope to see all of you at a NRL22X match soon.

Instagram: @NRL22X.Official

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