Fundamentals, Training, and Safety with Jacob Bynum of Rifles Only NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 3

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Fundamentals, Training, and Safety with Jacob Bynum of Rifles Only NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 3

On today’s episode, Jacob Bynum of Rifles Only joins Ruth Soucie to talk about the basics of marksmanship (FUNDAMENTALS!), the importance of training in our discipline, safety in our sport, and much more!

Jacob has been training rifle shooters since the 1990s with both civilian and military students from many walks of life. Jacob’s straightforward, meet-you-where-you-are way of teaching has led to a widely successful business model which is now repeated across Rifle’s Only locations in New Hampshire, Colorado and Texas. His wealth of knowledge and experience is shared freely with anyone willing to listen and his passion for safety is something we can all learn from.

The NRL22 Presented by Bushnell is a division of the National Rimfire League which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. The NRL22 was created to provide a way for competitors who are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle the opportunity to do so with 22lr or air rifles without having to invest a lot of money in gear or travel. The NRL22 program is designed so that any facility with a 100 yard range can participate in local competitions to qualify for a National Championship.

0:20 – Jacob’s Background
1:42 – Fundamentals, what are they and why are they so important?
4:08 – Trigger control in centerfire vs rimfire
5:44 – Gear vs Training, where should we spend our time and money?
9:51 – Advancements in modern scopes
13:28 – The most common mistake new shooters make
17:50 – Strong side vs support side shooting and building neural pathways
23:05 – Dryfire Training
27:44 – Perfect Practice
31:12 – Natural Point of Aim
36:45 – Safety and what we need to focus on to get better
40:41 – It can happen to anyone
44:06 – We need to stay vigilant
47:13 – Following all 4 rules of gun safety
49:06 – Setting a Culture of Safety
55:53 – Questions from Listeners

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Release date:
5 May 2022

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