The importance of a “winning mindset” with Justin Carbone NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 9

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The importance of a “winning mindset” with Justin Carbone NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep. 9

On today’s episode, Ruth speaks with Justin Carbone, a long-time competitor and former product engineer at Federal Ammunition.

Justin Carbone is a competitive shooter, co-owner of Midwest Precision Shooting, and gun enthusiast with many years of ballistic design experience. His scientific approach to competition is a strength that recently led him to taking home and overall win at the PRS Rimfire National Finale in College Station, TX. He credits his win to his amazing girlfriend, Ruth. Ok, so I took some creative liberties there…He actually credits the win to setting the tone with a “winning mindset.” Justin was also recently named to Team USA, representing the United States in the upcoming IPRF Rimfire World Championship.

The NRL22 Presented by Bushnell is a division of the National Rimfire League which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. The NRL22 was created to provide a way for competitors who are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle the opportunity to do so with 22lr or air rifles without having to invest a lot of money in gear or travel. The NRL22 program is designed so that any facility with a 100 yard range can participate in local competitions to qualify for a National Championship.

Hear from Justin how he developed a winning mindset, what helps him gear up for a big match, and more, on the NRL22 Podcast!

0:53 Introduction: Who is Justin Carbone?
4:06 How does your engineering brain benefit you as a competitor?
6:07 What are some things you are still trying to work on as a shooter?
12:50 Tell us about the PRS Rimfire Finale Match..
17:00 Favorite Stages from the finale?
21:50 What are some ways to minimize the effects of wind?
29:02 When will wind adjustable targets be available?
29:41 Talk about developing the winning mindset for this match
36:11 “It’s like me…”
38:36 IPRF World Rimfire Championships
44:58 Q&A Theresa Jurisch – When should you use a hat and/or glasses for shooting?
48:47 Q&A Theresa Jurisch – How can we do better with carpooling to matches?
52:30 Final thoughts from Justin

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Release date:
8 January 2023

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