All about competition w/ Jared Howell and Boyd Linder NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep.10

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All about competition w/ Jared Howell and Boyd Linder NRL22 Podcast Season 1 | Ep.10

On today’s episode, Ruth speaks with Jared Howell and Boyd “The Hair” Linder about their experience participating in competition, what it’s like to step into match director shoes, and more!

Jared and Boyd have been avid competitors, friends, and most recently co-match directors in the precision rifle world. Located in Utah, they have a plethora of ranges and matches at their disposal. Driving cross-country together for matches, the two have spent many hours discussing match design and recently had an opportunity to host their very own NRL22X match, Utah’s Rimfire Revival.

The NRL22 Presented by Bushnell is a division of the National Rimfire League which is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the growth and education of precision rifle shooting. The NRL22 was created to provide a way for competitors who are looking to get into the sport of precision rifle the opportunity to do so with 22lr or air rifles without having to invest a lot of money in gear or travel. The NRL22 program is designed so that any facility with a 100 yard range can participate in local competitions to qualify for a National Championship.

Hear from Jared and Boyd on their competitive journeys, how to get started with air rifle, match design, and more, on the NRL22 Podcast!

0:50 Jared Howell introduction
2:10 Boyd “The Hair” Linder introduction
5:37 Jared, What is your favorite discipline from all that you have competed in?
7:37 Boyd, How did you first get started? What is your current favorite?
11:41 Boyd, If you had to choose between the Long Rifle and the Air Rifle, which would you choose?
17:42 Jared, How do you balance all the shooting and match directing with family time?
22:06 What’s your typical weekend look like for going to matches?
26:43 What was the story of how and why you got talked into coordinating the Utah Rimfire Revival Match?
29:27 What was the biggest shift going between being a participant to being the host?
34:37 Teaser for the next Rimfire Revival?
40:10 Questions from viewers
40:23 Theresa Jurisch – What’s the main difference between PRS and NRL?
45:51 What is the history or background on the term Kentucky Windage?
47:15 Where did Justin get his Anschutz originally?
48:25 Dirk Kotze – What size target should you be able to hit beyond 100 yards for your rifle to be competitive?
54:17 Final thoughts from Jared and Boyd

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Release date:
10 March 2023

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